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Bringing the Spirit of Christmas Home


Christmas came to my own house a week early this year. I have always decorated my house on the last weekend of November; it is a Tradition started with my Mother. This year I will be in New York City, so I pulled out my boxes and started work on it this past weekend. I have loved vintage Christmas themes as long as I can remember. I know it originated with my mother who loved the same. I remember flipping through all of her Victoria magazines, they were always incredibly beautiful at Christmas. Through the years I have collected many different items that I treasure, I can’t get them all out at once but I like to change up the decorating a little each year and feature different ones.

It always takes me a full weekend to get it finished, but I LOVE doing it. I enjoy to play my Classic Christmas music and just putter around making the house sparkle. I truly feel that as I am decorating my Mother is right there with me, I swear I can hear her beautiful voice softly singing with the music in the background as she always did. It is so comforting to me.


I took a few pictures to share with you, they aren’t the best but I am sure you will enjoy them.


My entry of my home has a small banister that leads to the upstairs. Although the area is small, it still can make a large impact upon entering. My small table holds my carolers that greet you in song as you enter. I combined several different sparse garlands to make one, tied them to the banister with twine and added Restoration Hardware Starry Night lights, a few vintage style ornaments and pretty ribbon. I have a full glass front door and sidelight so this looks pretty from the road view.




In the Dining Room, I decorated my antique sideboard with my vintage style village this year and added all my treasured little pieces. On my Mantel I have three of my Santa’s, several different faux greens, starry night lights and electrically wired candles for a beautiful glow.



My Living room is hard to get a good picture of because of the lighting, but I gave it a try. Lasy year I purchased a paper mache deer head from Tin Barn market in Almonte. On the top of the head are two holes where I inserted branches to use as antlers. I then hung little crystals from them, and larger crystal hung from the ceiling around it. I balanced the deer head with black lanterns flanking each side and again used several different faux greenery and added the lights. I have an antique bakers table in the room, so I used it to display my vintage Santa’s. As you can see by the last picture, my son is enjoying the room.



Sunday at around 5:00 I was finally finished making my home beautiful. I poured myself a glass of wine and took it all in; the Christmas spirit was alive in my house at that moment.  The only thing to make it officially finished will be the addition of the Christmas Tree in a few weeks



In the end, I think the best advice I can give you for decorating your own house is enjoying it. Do not let the pressure of getting in done make it a chore. Pick a day or weekend that you know you have free from interruptions, let your Holiday music fill the air and let the spirit of Christmas take you back to home. To the home you grew up in as a child and to the home you live in today with your family. Enjoy the memories, enjoy the music, enjoy your home and everything Christmas means to you.




Can you tell me where you purchased your faux greenery? Beautiful pictures.


Hi Marie, thank you! I purchased all of my greenery about 12 years ago from various stores…so I can’t remember locations. Sorry about that.

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