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Our clients, a family of two, wanted a new kitchen but were stumped on how to make it work with the existing layout of the house. The tiny, outdated kitchen had a bow window area with a banquette that they did not see any way to change other than to update it and work around it.

The original Bow window and banquette

They loved to cook and were often working away in the kitchen together, so the existing space was just not practical. The layout was tiny, dark and closed in from the rest of the house and just did not work well for prepping of meals or entertaining. They wanted something that was beautiful and practical for their style of living.



These clients were such a fun, upbeat and energetic couple that I wanted their new kitchen to reflect that. My goal was to create a space that was a bit edgy and contemporary yet still warm comforting and timeless.


My inspiration/Mood board for my clients. I chose a grey and white cabinet combination with gorgeous warm metal hardware, and crisp white counters. I brought in  walnut flooring to create a warmth in the room, grasscloth for texture and industrial style lighting.


To give my clients everything they were looking for I knew I had to gain more space to the footprint of the kitchen. Their dining room was adjacent to the kitchen, closed off by a small doorway. I thought the best thing to do was to take the entire wall down making one large open space. Having the wall down and joining the two rooms also meant we would only need one dining area.



As soon as I saw the banquette area in the bow window I knew I wanted to rip it out, raise the windows and create I little cove area where I would house the sink. The backyard was gorgeous, so I thought what a better way to enjoy it than having a kitchen work area that let you enjoy the view.


My original plan was create one large island that spread across into the existing dining area. I designed a beautiful dining area at the end of the island giving them lots of prep space and dining space it one. Although my clients loved the large island, they did not want to give up their dining table, so I went back to work on a new plan.  I decided a peninsula was the way to go. It would give them an intimate area where they could prep for dinner while their guests could sit with a glass of wine and enjoy their company.



By doing this you could view the fireplace from the kitchen, again making the space open, yet intimate and cozy. As one thing always leads into the other with renovations, we quickly realised if we could view the fireplace from the new kitchen it needed a little “facelift.”


Fireplace “BEFORE”

New view from kitchen of fireplace


To keep the kitchen from feeling closed in, I used white cabinets on the pantry/fridge wall. The white creates an illusion of being open and spacious, using grey there would close in the space.


The Dining area wall was long and needed something to close in the space and ground it. Adding the grasscloth gave it more texture and warmth and adding the gallery of pictures helped to define the area.



In closing, my clients are thrilled with their new kitchen. It is not only more practical and an extremely functional space but that major “problem” area of the bow window and banquette it is now the centre of attention in their home.


Here is the entire selection of photos.  Enjoy!



Contractor: D.E. Kinkade Konstruction http://www.dekinkadekonstruction.com/

West Wind Design Group: http://westwinddesigngroup.ca/

AyA Kitchens: http://www.ayakitchens.com/

Du Verre Hardware: https://duverre.com/

Photography: Charlene Burnside Photography http://charleneburnside.zenfolio.com/

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