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Hello Sunshine!

It has been a long time coming, but we are ready to reveal our clients Kitchen & their main and master baths. This project was a year in the making as we renovated these three areas and also the mudroom, entrance, powder room, stairs & new paint and wood flooring throughout the house. Our clients really wanted a fresh new look within their budget, so we had to be very conscious of where we were using their money and how.

Let’s start with their Kitchen. The original kitchen was really not functional for the homeowners at all. It was dark and closed off from the rest of the home and had limited counter and storage space. The cabinets were old and mismatched mainly because additional storage had to be brought in.


There was access to the dining room through a small opening, but you definitely felt cut off from the rest of the house. Having the dining room next to the kitchen gave us the opportunity to open up the wall and enlarge the kitchen but I still felt even by doing that this area still felt closed off. I decided that not only should we take down the dining room wall, but that the far wall, which had the living room on the other side, needed to come down. By doing this, it would make their main floor kitchen, dining & living rooms one large open concept room and would also bring a lot of light into the area.


As with most renovations, when you start taking down walls you realize the visual changes. We now had to deal with the fireplace as it would be visual from the new kitchen.


Here are the concept board and original elevations I designed for the homeowners. I did change a few things along the way, but the basic concept is the same.


Original Concept Board

The original elevation of the main kitchen wall (without the Island)


By opening up the living room wall, we were able to add a peninsula that not only added extra seating but more counter space. Opening up this wall gave them a beautiful visual of their new fireplace and created so much light in the room. I ended up changing the glass doors to just over the peninsula area, doing this gave the opportunity to create texture and colour to the area and helped to break up the solid doors. I added a long wine rack to the end of the run beside the fridge.


The original elevation of the main kitchen wall including the island


The island was added and housed the slide in range that was vented below. The island created more storage and again, tons of extra counter space.

The new dining area wall


To create a gorgeous visual and backdrop to the dining area I added a central bench seat and flanking it on each side was two large pantries that again gave them that much needed storage.


The new fireplace Wall


For the fireplace wall, I decided it was best to say goodbye to the old brick. We drywalled the area, and I designed fireplace that would tie in nicely to the kitchen area. I felt the mantel itself should be wood, warming it up and tieing it in with the wood island. I found a beautiful stone and used it for the surround.


The Kitchen Reveal






For the main bathroom, we were dealing with a small 10 x 5 foot space, and there was no extra space to grab. We, simply started over in this bathroom and gave new life.


This bathroom needed to be light and bright to match what we did downstairs and keeping it light would make this space appear larger. I had a custom free standing vanity made and bought a wall cabinet for over the toilet for extra storage.  I had paneling added to the walls and used a marble penny mosaic on the floor. The mosaic floor added texture and interest to the room and gave it a much more custom look. In the shower, I used a simple white subway tile and a banding of the penny mosaic. All the tiles used in this bathroom was from a big box store to fit the budget.








The Master Bathroom is smaller than the main bath, but we were able to grab a bit of space from the hall closet for a larger shower. Our clients were not interested in a tub so we were able to add a walk in shower. We moved the toilet next to the shower and added a larger vanity. Again we used tile from a big box store to keep the budget in check, but used them in interesting ways.










When renovating your home, don’t be afraid to contact a designer to help you with the daunting task. A designer will give you the magazine worthy space you are wanting and on your budget. The cost of a Designer is well worth what you will save in the long run.




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Kay West

Perfection! Such good space planning and materials choice. Wish your office was in St. Louis. I need your expertise!

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