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Itsy Bitsy Master Bath

We recently finished a client’s Kitchen renovation that has now led into renovating their Master Bath and Powder Room. Their Master Bath is teeny tiny at a measurement of only 8′ 2″ x 8′, and it housed a sink, toilet, bathtub, shower and a closet.
There is a jolt in the wall at the end of the bathtub that made it about 1′ 8″ shorter than the back of the shower wall.


Using the space from other rooms was not an option. By pushing the bathtub to the far left, and using the extra 1′ 8″ of space, I am able to slip the shower behind the foot of the tub. The shower will now be enlarged  to 5′ x 3′. My clients were not worried about the storage so I took the cupboard out that was beside the shower to gain open space. The entrance to the shower will now be at that foot with a door free opening. The glass on the left of the shower will run up the side of the tub to create an openness to the space. The free standing pedestal will be replaced by a 36 x 24 vanity with more counter space. This vanity will eat up more room but by losing the closet behind, we gain a bit more space behind. The open shelves will store their towels and basket with goodies and will appear smaller then a solid closed vanity would. Adding a recessed medicine cabinet will store away all their smaller items. I chose to use a 12 x 24 tile that will be both the main floor tile and  the shower wall tile. Using the same tile on both the main floor an shower wall will keep the room seamless, and in turn make it appear larger.

I have taken out the swing door and opted for a pocket door, this will help with the space issue.


The Master Bath Mood Board



Stay tuned for the final reveal to come on the SKD ABODE Blog!

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