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I have less than a week before I board a plane and head to France, the anticipation of seeing this beautiful country is about all I can stand but not for all the reasons that one would think…



In 2002, I lost my Mother at the age of 62 to ovarian cancer. The loss of my mother has not been easy for me, she was an incredible woman who had dreams, dreams that would never come to pass. She would never see three of her grandchildren, she would never open that little store she always talked about, and she would never travel to the places that she dreamed of and always talked about so fondly.

In my Mothers 62 years she had traveled to only one location outside of Canada and that was Daytona Beach. She loved that trip, she always loved the ocean so being there and walking through it was all she could ask. My Mother left us two books after she died that we knew nothing about, one was a journal of her day to day life while battling cancer and the other was reflections of her childhood, her marriage and our journey growing up. There was one section of the book that haunted me and these are her words..

These words tore through my heart like nothing else could, coming from a woman who spent her entire life giving, never taking and to have her dreams ripped from her at such a young age.

Before three years ago, Daryl and I had only been on a trip together twice in our married life…once was our Honeymoon and the other was a trip down south with friends before our first child was born. While all our other friends were going away every year to some tropical place, we stayed at home with our babies. Daryl would always ask me if I wanted to go away, but my answer would be that I did not need to go away every year but instead let’s save so we can see the world when we get older.

On our anniversary three years ago while out to dinner Daryl asked me if I was to see the world where would I want to go first…..I quickly said Europe, not only was it a dream of mine but it was Moms dream and if she couldn’t see it through her eyes she could see it through mine. He then proceeded to tell me to write down where I wanted to go and we were going to see them one by one. I quickly said no, that we couldn’t afford it and we could not leave our kids…life was just too busy.

Daryl words were the sweetest thing I ever heard, he said to me Sonya, I know we said we would do these things later in life but what are we waiting for? Dreaming is not doing, and I do not want to dream like Your Mom and then it is too late…you never know what life has in store.

We started plans on our first trip to Italy the next day. We took that trip three years ago, it was the most amazing three weeks of our life.

By the end of this week, I will be strolling around France were my Mothers heart had always been and seeing the sights she had only dreamed of but because I know she is always with me, she will be holding my hand and we will be taking a journey together. ….


Just a quick note to thank those of you who always step up to help make our dreams happen…thank you for watching over our babies and our home…we truly have great family, friends & neighbours xoxo




























Living the dream for both you and your mom. Pack dresses, wear pearls. Enjoy every single moment.


Thanks Andrea! Pearls are packed ;)

What a beautiful post, Sonya. I will live vicariously through you until I can get there myself (it’s on my to go list) – and can’t wait to see pictures! PS…your site is gorgeous!

What a lovely story, and you are going to have just the best time!! Some of the photos in your collage look exactly like ones I took on our trip to Paris and the Dordogne region a few years ago – it was AMAZING and so beautiful. France is definitely one of my favourite places!

Have such a great time. Your Mum will be there with you in spirit!

This is a beautiful post…I’m so sorry for the loss of your Mom at such a young age…your trip will be for both of you! Enjoy your time in France…what a dream trip!

After reading your lovely tribute to your mother I sense you will be enjoying France for not only the beauty and experiences the country has to offer but also the memories it will bring of times past with your mother. Lovely photographs too!

France! So exciting. I’m sure your mom would be so proud of you for living your dreams now. Italy is totally at the top of my list… guess I should stop putting it off :)

What a beautiful post! And I love the photo of your hands. It is so great that you are honouring your mother this way, living some of her dreams. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot over the years, and I’ve always encouraged other to make it a priority. Soon after your trip, the cost somehow gets sorted out and you forget about the bills. But the amazing memories last forever. Enjoy France – I’m sure it will be the trip of your (and her) dreams. And props to your hubby, he sounds like a keeper!

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