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Quebec Cottage part 2: the Living Room and Bathrooms

A week has past and as promised part 2 of my clients cottage in Quebec. I had mentioned in last weeks post Quebec Cottage part 1 The Bedrooms that part 2 would be the Living Room and Kitchen….well a girl can change her mind:). This week we are going to take a look at the living room and bathrooms.


Basement Guest Bath


The Basement bathroom was going to be  a guest bathroom. Because this was a cottage, and I was budget conscience for my client we decided to go with one unit Shower/ Bath combination and store bought vanity. You would be amazed at some of  the store bought vanities from large box stores, how nice they can look in the area, and they can come with stone counters as this one did. Don’t be afraid to play up a bathroom a little bit with whimsical ladders for towels a small seating area. It is an excellent way to fill in unused space.


The Main Bath


For the main bath, I designed the cabinetry for the clients. To save on cost we used a laminate counter top but made up for it in the cabinet itself. My clients were taller and requested a vanity to reflect that so you will notice it is a bit higher than what you may be used to. The pendant lighting is a nice added touch and is readily available at your local Home Depot. I was lucky to find this gorgeous porthole style mirror while sourcing at HomeSense.


The Living Room


The Living room is open concept including the kitchen and dining area so decorating it was a little different the some living rooms. It was important in layout and how each area would be viewed throughout the space. It all had to click. I knew that the kitchen, walls, fireplace, and furniture were going to be fresh and light with pops of blues so I chose a dark wide plank flooring to warm up the space and  set the stage for the rest of the area. The area was small so in order to get more seating in but keep the sight lines open from the hallway and the entryway in the home I decided on a pouf. They are not only great looking but practical.


All Images photographed by Charlene Burnside Photography 


Just me next week when for the final post in this 3 Post series, The Kitchen and Sunroom.




Sheron Drummond

oh My God Sonya….that is outstanding. I just love it !!
The colors are beautiful…what a great spot to spend some
relax time…..Wow, just Wow !!!!

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