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Quebec Cottage Part 3: The Kitchen & Sunroom

Well, we have come to the final chapter of my 3 part series on my clients cottage and today we are going to take a peek inside the kitchen and sunroom……come on in:)


The Kitchen


As I mentioned in my previous posts Part 1 and Part 2, The main area is open concept and somewhat small. When you are dealing with three main areas Living room, Dining & Kitchen that are open to each other it takes some playing around  to make it all work and flow beautifully.Each space needed  to be distinctly its own.

I automatically chose white for the kitchen for a few reasons
a) Throughout the cottage, I was keeping a very calm, bright and fresh look and feel, and I wanted the kitchen to reflect that
b) The area was small and by choosing white it opened up the space and made it look larger.
c) It was open concept, and the white made your eye flow seamlessly throughout the room.


SKD original sketch of island detailing


For the island, I  wanted it to look like a piece of furniture you bought and dropped into place. It was sitting smack dab in the middle of this open concept room, so it needed to be a little different than the rest of the kitchen I thought. You could see it from every angle of the open room, from the hallway and entry and the sunroom so let’s make it worth a view. I decided the sides and sitting area needed to be visually appealing, so it was decided to add the X detailing on each side and the horizontal and vertical detailing. Above you can see my original concept sketch of the island.




Cambria Snowdon White


For the island counter top, I chose Cambria’s Snowdon White (Quartz). It is so fresh and has the illusion of gleaming snow flecks (winter) or little flecks of grey and tan sand (summer) that add substance to  all white background.



On the white kitchen surround, we decided to go with a laminate to help keep the costs down….it is a cottage after all. I chose a grey that picks up the grey flecks in the quartz on the island. The laminate has as a slight linen texture to it  complimenting the space.



On the backsplash, I opted for a straight simple white subway tile keeping it clean and seamless to the eye.



The owners already purchased the island chairs. They were originally in black, but I took them and had them sprayed just a whisper of blue….very subtle but so fresh and clean.



I purchased and IKEA dining table and had it sprayed the same colour of blue as the island chairs and added 6 of these pretty wicker chairs from Pottery Barn to add texture. Because of space limitation the table can be set up for 4 but opened up for six if need be.





The Sunroom


For the sunroom, my clients  wanted this space to be cozy and comfortable….a little space where they could enjoy their surroundings and be tucked away from the elements outside. The sunroom is a tiny room that we clad in unfinished pine and finished the floors in a beautiful 12 x 24 porcelain tile that was a beautiful crisp white with veining like waves of the ocean and sand. The room being so tiny made it difficult to get everything in that we needed without it feeling cramped.


The sofa and chairs were sourced not only on a “cottage” budget but for a small enough scale to have it work with the room. We were lucky enough to find this outdoor wicker set at HomeSense that was the perfect size for the room. It was small enough to fit snugly into the corner of the room leaving us the much needed space on the opposite side.


The matching glass Coffee table helped to keep the space visually open.




When I first asked the owners what they wanted the room to be used for, they had mentioned just a sofa and chairs for sitting. Now being a cottager myself I thought if I could fit a little 2 person table in there for eating breakfast in the morning it would be great. I asked my clients if they would like this, and they quickly said not to bother, as they thought they would never use it. I decided on my own that if I could make it work that this table was going in, my gut told me that it was a perfect addition to the space and that my clients would be thankful for it in the end. After the area had been set up, my clients headed up for a weekend at the cottage and sent me a wonderful email saying how much the LOVED their new space and how HAPPY they were with the table in the sunroom, they enjoyed their breakfast and coffee out there tremendously. Happy client….


This little bar cart I found at HomeSense in the perfect subtle shade of blue, almost exactly the same blue as the one I had painted on the island chairs and the dining table…what a find! I filled it with baskets for extra storage and all the goodies a good bar cart needs. It was a great filler for the corner and a wonderfully added element to the room.


I found this HUGE lamp at Pottery Barn that I thought would be so much fun in the room. You can fill the base with corks from many wonderful evenings shared with friends up at the cottage, such a conversation piece!  The space was finished with many other little details making the sunroom a favourite spot in the cottage.



Thanks for taking this journey with me through my client’s cottage, it has been great fun and I hope you enjoyed it!


Special thanks to Maureen Coates of MODECOR who helped SKD  on three occasions to set it up and style the space for my clients helping me bring my vision to life……too much work for one girl alone!

Thank you to my wonderful Hubby who DRAGGED a bunch of furniture up there “in his spare time” HA!

Thanks to Ottawa at Home Magazine for your interest in this space and featuring it in your July issue!

Ottawa at home Photography captured by Mark Holleron


And lastly thanks again to Charlene Burnside Photography for capturing this space with all the gorgeous pictures used throughout this 3 series post.





Absolutely gorgeous! I love the lighting you chose for the kitchen

Wow! I can’t believe this is a cottage, it’s so fabulous!! I am so in love with the cottage lifestyle, and I really think you’ve captured the laid back, lake side atmosphere perfectly in this space, especially with that island!

Absolutely beautiful! As usual Sonya, you have covered every detail in this warm, clean and comfortable cottage. Love it ALL!

A lovely and comfortable space. I love the detail on the island especially.
Great work.

It’s really fabulous! I love everything you chose…definitely the little breakfast table was an an awesome idea!

Gorgeous island! Your whole place looks so inviting; bravo!!

I love the light, airy look in the room. Great combination of white, natural browns and indigo. You have added some lovely touches as well.


A lovely job with small spaces. Isn’t it fun to find the “perfect” piece while out looking for something else? I do like the colour choices, each room has a distinct feel, and easier to keep track of which linens go in which room!

Every detail is perfect! I love how the backs of the stools match the island ends. Ingenious!

Wow it’s all just so gorgeous Sonya! Well done and congrats for the magazine feature!

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