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The Chateau de Versailles

While on a recent vacation in France, my husband and I enjoyed a day trip to The Chateau de Versailles. With both us being in the trade (Designer and Contractor) we were in awe of the architecture and design of this incredible space. From the palace to the French gardens and onward to The Grand Trianon, Marie-Antoinette’s estate, her English Gardens and the Queens Hamlet it was truly and incredible experience.

A little history on the Chateau de Versailles

The site began as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII before his son Louis XIV transformed and expanded. Each of the 3 kings who lived in Versailles before the French Revolution contributed to the beauty of what stands there today. Luis XIV built the King & Queens Grand Apartments in 1670 along with the most beautiful site you will ever see called The Hall of Mirror. Louis XV built the beautiful Chapel and Opera house in the next century.

I am going to start this series of posts about my visit to Versailles with the grandeur of the Palace itself. This palace is as pompous as yet get with its incredible detailing in its architecture, the flamboyance of gold and the hand painted art on the ceiling…truly an amazing site.


Take a little trip to 16th Century France with me….


The Chapel in the palace viewed from the upper level where the King and Queen would watch the service from above. The Chapel was built between 1698 and 1710.



The Mercury Salon: parade chamber of the Grand Apartment





The Hercules Salon: The first salon of the King’s Grand Apartment



























The Abundance Salon: Notice the heavy green fabric dressing the walls

The Mars Salon


The Queen’s chamber : This chamber is the main room of the apartment, the one where the Queen spent most of her time. She slept here, often joined by the King.

Hall of Mirrors: The Grand Gallery  as it was called in the 17th century, was used daily by courtiers and visitors for passing through, waiting and for meeting people. It was only used for ceremonies on exceptional occasions. This was truly breathtaking……


The French Gardens: Created in 1749 Louix XV extended his estate by creating a French Garden. Notice all the symmetrical and Geometrical characteristics, key in the french gardens of that time.


Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of the Palace. Join me next time for a picture tour of the Grande Trianon!


Speechless!!! Stunning and breathtaking! Can’t wait to read more Sonya :)

Your pictures are spectacular. You obviously have a super camera, as it captured the true essence of the palace. I was in Paris a few years back, but disappointingly, I did not go to Versailles – I wish I had now. Looking forward to your next segment on Trianon.

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